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Gym Rats United x Frankie McGovern Online Coaching

Gym Rats United x Frankie McGovern Online Coaching

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1 Month Commitment Package


Online Coaching Description and Prices

⁃ Customized meal plan catered to your likes/dislikes and what works. Meal by meal , zero guess work. I do not do macros.

⁃ Fully Written Out Workout Plan with write ups on exercises - tempo, intensity, form, sets reps etc (Full Write Ups Where I Am Talking Directly To You In Your Specific Plan)

⁃ Weekly Checkins - How was your week? How was your accountability? Workouts? Meals? Etc. Any life stressors? How was sleep? Mood? Anything you would like to discuss and share as well as check in photos which are optional - (during contest prep photos are mandatory and will be taken weekly and eventually twice weekly and up to everyday leading up to competition.

⁃ Monthly Evaluations ( if local , these will be done in person , workout and posing session. Set up goals for the next month and evaluate and change training if needed. Also a good idea to get a body scan done here as well. Photos will be taken here as well. (If you are not local pictures and a phone call will be done)

Costs -
Online Coaching
1 month coaching (month to month) - $299
3 months coaching - $750
6 months coaching (recommended for contest prep) - $1,250
1 year coaching - $2,000


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